The Experience

Counterculture, Co-creation, Art & Music

Convergence blends the best parts of a festival, conference, and retreat for your mind, body, and spirit. Our friendly, and passionate community explores meaningful social and environmental discourse while immersed within co-creativity, music, and artistic expression.

Arcosanti, AZ

October 11 to 13

An Eco-Urban Laboratory

Convergence is at the world-famous venue of Arcosanti.

For the past 50 years, Arcosanti has been a home and hub of countercultural ideas. Come enjoy the one-of-a-kind location and 800+ acres of wild-flower strewn high-desert and vibrant river ecology.

Community in Solidarity

From Global Themes to Local Action

At the core of the Convergence is a mission to build community in the southwest and beyond. We think globally and act locally to make our world more equitable and enchanted. We endeavor to be result-centric as we build infrastructure, ideas, and relationships that can make a regenerative, co-creative future.

The Programming

Intersectional, Experiential, Co-Creative

Convergence has dozens of keynotes, break out sessions, music performances, small-scale building projects, artistic collaborations, local cuisines, film screenings and more!

A Post-Scarcity Society

Starting with a new city model

Imagine if we rebuilt society without scarcity, where old paradigms that didn’t support us were put to rest. This event uses Arcosanti’s ability to change the urban mindset. It uses conscious programming. It uses your passion and intuition. The result is a temporary (yet powerful!) embodiment of how we can live in harmony with all nature and humans.


How to Get Involved

Convergence III is seeking various supporters. Please reach out if you hope to be involved, or if you have ideas for our development. Also, if you’d like to see our needs list and contribute directly, visit them here.

Hurry Up!

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